#WIPpet Wednesday – July 24, 2019

This week I’m joining WIPpet Wednesday for the first time. WIPpet Wednesday is a blog hop wherein writers share an excerpt from their current WIP (Work in Progress) that somehow relates to the date.

What I’m sharing today

I have two WIPs going right now. I’m making final revisions to the first one, a medieval portal fantasy called Green Haelan. I’m also writing a first draft of the sequel, Skal Singer.

I’m going to share an excerpt from Green Haelan. Today is the 24th day of the 7th month so I’ll be sharing 24 sentences from Chapter 7.

The scene centres on one of my secondary POV (Point of View) characters, Kelan, a teenage boy who knows less about the world than he thinks he does (imagine that😉) and is also not quite as skilful as he judges himself to be. In this scene, he’s fallen into the hands of a band of thieves camping in the forest. But he has a cunning plan. While they’re all asleep, he’s going to steal one of their horses and escape. Everything goes smoothly right up to the point when he mounts the horse: it bolts. The excerpt begins at this point.


He fell forward onto the mare’s neck and banged his nose. His sweat-slick hands grabbed at her mane as they raced flat out down the track. He clenched the coarse hair tightly and hung on. His heart was thumping as if it would burst out of his chest. He had no way of slowing this stupid horse down. The rope was dangling loose, out of his reach, slapping against her legs and maddening her further. All he could do was stay low, hold on and pray it didn’t tangle around something and bring the mare crashing down, killing them both.
At least the bolting mare wasn’t trying to leave the track, but if she didn’t stop soon, they’d be out of the forest and onto the road. He held on with hands and legs, bracing himself as well as he could for whatever might happen next. Once out in the open, the horse might swerve suddenly to the right or left, or she might stop dead. There was no way to know. All he could do was hold on. He could see the road now, straight ahead. His fate would be decided in a few seconds.
Miraculously, his mount began to slow down. Suddenly there were no more trees and they were out on the broad road in the full moonlight. The mare trotted to a stop. She dropped her head, puffing and blowing. Kelan was panting, too. He forced his fingers open. Still lying prone, he reached down with a trembling hand for the dangling rope.
“Get down.” The voice was low and thick with anger.
Kelan whipped his head around to see Niall Crawley striding towards him, sword in hand.

So Kelan is in trouble, and it’s not the first or last time, either.

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