QLTR* February 2020

*Quite Like To Read: full explanation here, if you’re interested.

I’ve chosen a background of rain clouds, because that’s what I’m hoping to see a lot of this month in my drought-stricken Australian regional city. I’m also hoping to read seven books: four fiction and four non-fiction. As I’ve already started three of them, this doesn’t seem like too many, even in a month when I’m trying to prioritise my own writing and publishing.

Here are the three I’ve already started:

By Ellery Adams
Genre: Cozy Mystery

I received this as an ARC from Netgalley and I’m reading it on the Kindle. So far, it’s pleasant enough, but nothing special. We’ll see how it progresses.

By V.E. Patton
Genre: Fantasy

This is the first book in The Opal Dreaming Chronicles, and so far I’m loving it. I have been reading an Ebook, but I’ve ordered a paperback because I know I’m going to want to have this one on my shelf.

By Jeff VanderMeer
Genre: Writing

I borrowed this from my library. The first half is “Public Booklife”, about strategies for writers out in the world – publishing, advertising, networking and so on, and the second half is “Private Booklife” about the actual writing process. Very thought-provoking so far.

And here are the four books I’m keen to get to next:

By Anne Lamott
Genre: Writing/Memoir

Another guide on how to manage writing and the writing life, but from a very different author. I bought this one sight unseen.
I love Anne Lamott’s prose and I’m expecting to adore this book.

By various authors
Genre: Christian/Writing

I bought this one, too, because although I am not writing explicitly Christian fiction, I am a Christian and I am a writer, and I was looking for a new daily devotional. I am hoping it will be both inspired and inspirational.

By Joanna Nell
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

This was partly because I’d heard good things and partly a cover buy (because, how could I resist?) but what clinched it was reading the first page in the bookshop and falling in love with Joanna Nell’s writing. So looking forward to cracking this open.

By Jasper Fforde
Genre: Fantasy/Humour

After reading Veronica Strachan’s review of this on Goodreads, I couldn’t wait to get to the library and borrow it. I love Jasper Fforde’s imagination and his sense of humour. I may not get to it this month, but I’m hoping.

So that’s what I’m thinking I might Quite Like To Read in February. How about you?

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