QLTR* April 2020

*Quite Like to Read

I had a fairly average reading month in March, and I’m not sure exactly how I’ll feel in April, so instead of bringing in anything new, I’ve shopped my bookshelves (and my Kindle) and picked out some books I’ve been meaning to get to for a while (plus one new ARC that I think will be fun). I’m also giving myself full permission to read anything else in my possession that I’m in the mood for, including rereads of old favourites. It’s a time to be kind to ourselves, I think. Here’s what I’ve chosen for now:

I bought this over a year ago, and was very keen to read it at the time, but then just somehow never got around to it. Perhaps April is the month I’ll finally crack it open. It’s Science Fiction, about pioneer colonists trying to survive the ecosystem of an alien planet, totally my sort of thing. I’m hoping to get vibes of Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead from this one.

A friend passed me her used copy of this with a positive recommendation. It’s not at all the kind of thing I usually read, but I am curious, and coincidentally my daughter is working as a psychologist with some Exclusive Brethren schools at the moment, so it’s timely.

I’ve enjoyed most of the Neil Gaiman novels I’ve read, so I know I like his writing style. And I think I may be in the mood for some mythology. This actually belongs to my husband, but he’s finished reading it now, so it’s fair game. And look at that cover!

I was disappointed with my writing book in March (Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird) so I want to give another one a try. I know the basic ‘beats’ of the Save the Cat method of planning a story, but I’d like to dig into it in more detail.

Two-for-one with these next stories by P.A. Mason about Gretchen, a young witch who gets into all kinds of trouble when her spells don’t go quite as planned. I have both of them on the Kindle, the first as a free gift for signing up for her newsletter, and the other as an ARC for review. I’m expecting them to be short, light and funny.

This was supposed to be a buddy read with a group on GoodReads in March, but not everyone was able to access a copy of the book in time, so it was postponed. It looks like we may be able to start it some time in April. If so, it’s the only one on this list I’ve actually committed myself to reading, although we probably won’t finish it this month. I am keen to start it though, because I loved Ship of Magic, the first book in the series.

What are your reading plans for April? Are you being kind to yourself? I hope so.

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