About Me

Hello there!

My name is Lyn and I’m a reader. I’ve been a reader for about fifty years now, and as you’d expect, I’ve become pretty good at it. Even so, I practice all the time.

I read mostly what is known as “genre fiction”: crime, fantasy and science fiction are my go-to reads. But I also enjoy general fiction, literary fiction and the occasional classic. In non-fiction, I prefer biographies, books about the craft of writing, and gardening books.

I’m also a writer. My first novel features a gardener and is set in a fantasy world. There’s a hint of mystery too, so I basically wrote a book I’d like to read. It’s called Greenhaelan and it’s the first book in The Chronicles of Algarth. Click the link below for more details and to pre-order.

My other current writing project is a first draft of the second novel of the series, Skalsinger. I’m almost done and aim to begin revisions in March.

I share some of my writing experiences on this blog as well as book reviews and reflections on reading.

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to to have a conversation with you in the comments.

You can also find me here:

My author site: lynwebster.com

Goodreads: Lyn

Twitter: TwoBooksBlog

Happy reading and writing!


February 2020