About Me

Hello there!

My name is Lyn and I’m a reader. I’ve been a reader for about fifty years now, so as you’d expect, I’m pretty good at it. Even so, I practice all the time.

I read mostly what is known as “genre fiction”: crime, fantasy and science fiction are my go-to reads. But I also read general fiction, literary fiction and the occasional classic. In non-fiction, I prefer biographies and gardening books. If anyone ever writes a gardening thriller set in a fantasy world in the future, I’ll be there.

I’m also a writer. My first novel is about a gardener and is set in a fantasy world. There’s a hint of mystery too, so I basically wrote a book I’d like to read. It’s called Greenhaelan and it’s the first book in what I envisage as a three or four book series I’ve called Tales From Algarth. I’m currently working on what I hope is a final round of edits.

My other current writing project is a first draft of the second novel of the series, Skalsinger. I’m about halfway through and aim to finish the draft by the end of October this year.

I’ll be sharing some of my writing experiences on this blog as well as book reviews and reflections on reading.

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Happy reading and writing!